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My name is Nicole Pyles, and I am a writer in Portland, Oregon. I specialize in health and wellness, entertainment, lifestyle, and business and career topics. I also have extensive experience ghostwriting and writing for SEO purposes.

My background in blogging, marketing, and public relations offers a unique perspective on every topic I write, and always with the audience in mind. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Communication (summa cum laude) from Portland State University.

If you are an author with a book being released soon, ask me about blog tours. I'd love to work with you on promoting your book. 

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Requirements for a Career in Counseling | BestColleges

Do you want to enter a career that helps others? Learn about counselor schooling requirements and resume tips. • There are a variety of specialties you can pursue to become a licensed counselor. • Most counseling positions require a master's degree, but there are some exceptions. • You'll need to complete a certain number of supervised counseling hours to receive your license. • Your resume should include your degrees, licenses, and any measurable skills you've learned.

3 Ways to Become a Better Podcast Guest by Nicole Pyles

As a blog tour manager, I’ve had my share of experiences promoting authors and their books in a variety of ways. While book reviews are always golden opportunities since they can often turn a potential reader into a paying customer, it’s only one way to generate much-needed attention to your author platform. Podcasts offer a unique opportunity for you to share your story, experiences, and expertise with an entirely new audience you may not have reached o

This Low-Impact Exercise Can Add Years to Your Life

As the weather gets warmer, you may be looking for more ways to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. One of my favorite warm-weather workouts is simply lacing up my tennis shoes and going outside for a walk. You may be wondering, is walking good exercise? Absolutely! Walking is an excellent low-impact workout that offers a number of health benefits (more on those below), and just 10 extra minutes of walking per day could even help you live longer. Keep reading to learn the health benefits of daily walking habits.

Weeknight Meals for Less

Weeknight meals can sometimes be hectic, especially if you’re juggling multiple schedules and cooking for more than one. It may be hard to believe, but you can throw together a tasty and simple weeknight meal fairly easily — it just requires some preparation! If you’re looking to make meals on a budget, it all starts at the grocery store. Here are a few expert tips to make your regular grocery shopping trip a bit easier and more budget-friendly.

5 Muscle Recovery Tips

One of the most important aspects of exercise and training is muscle recovery. Essential recovery time allows for your body and muscles to return to its equilibrium (aka homeostasis). Without giving your muscles time to repair between intense workouts, you increase your risk for potential injuries, soft tissue damage, and fatigue. Recovery also helps with easing the soreness in your muscles and encourages you to maintain a consistent workout regimen. Here are a few tips...

Gift Ideas to Give Someone Who Works from Home

If you or someone you know works from home that means you have a whole new host of challenges to deal with that you don’t normally do at the office. From being prepared for last-minute zoom meetings to dealing with the lack of motivation, it’s important to give a gift that addresses these issues. In this gift guide, you’ll find an array of options to give someone working from home, and most are within an affordable price point.

How to Update Your Resume for a Career Change

Looking for a career change this year? You aren’t alone! In fact, a recent poll published by Fast Company says 52% of US workers are considering a job change. What has motivated people is a change in priorities, a desire for a better work-life balance, and a strong need to work from home, among other reasons. Unfortunately, changing careers isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have the obvious transferrable skills.

12 Must-Watch Scary Movies if You Don't Like Horror

Do you love scary movies but aren’t a fan of horror movies? While I love a good, scary movie, I just don’t like the horror genre. Shocking, I know. However, I do love movies that are scary, creepy, and chilling but only if they have very little if any at all, paranormal elements. So, if you love scary movies, but don’t like horror movies, I have the perfect list for you. Many of the movies I’ve chosen fall under the thriller category, but I’m sure you’ll find a few you enjoy.
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