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I am a writer specializing in health and wellness, entertainment, lifestyle, and business and career topics. My background in blogging, marketing, and public relations offers up a unique perspective on every topic I write about, and always with the audience in mind. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Communication (summa cum laude) from Portland State University.

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12 Must-Watch Scary Movies if You Don't Like Horror

Do you love scary movies but aren’t a fan of horror movies? While I love a good, scary movie, I just don’t like the horror genre. Shocking, I know. However, I do love movies that are scary, creepy, and chilling but only if they have very little if any at all, paranormal elements. So, if you love scary movies, but don’t like horror movies, I have the perfect list for you. Many of the movies I’ve chosen fall under the thriller category, but I’m sure you’ll find a few you enjoy.

3 Reasons You Should Take a Mental Health Day

With news about the coronavirus going around like crazy, it can be hard to think of our mental health in addition to worrying about our physical health. We're all being encouraged to wash our hands more, stay home if we don't feel good, and bring home a few extra non-perishable goods. However, your health is far more than physical. It's mental too. Here are a few reasons to take a mental health day (your mental health and physical health will thank you for it).

Dos and Don’ts on Dipping Your Toe in the Freelance Writing Pool

Confession: most of my learning experience with freelance writing has been the hard way. It’s been through clients that never contact me again without any good reason at all. It’s been through poor business practices from content writing agencies that don’t seem to appreciate their writers. It’s been through agreeing on projects that I never should’ve said yes to in the first place. So, today, for all the freelancers out there, I put together a few dos and don’ts that will help you stay afloat...

The Writing Habit I Needed the Most

Call me a bit of a Goldilocks when it comes to writing habits. I’ve tried the word-count-a-day habit, but sometimes I don’t have 500 words in me (or whichever word count a day I’ve decided upon). I’ve tried the 20-minute-a-day habit, but this results in me looking for excuses to not give writing my attention for twenty minutes. I’ve also tried committing to a certain time of day to write, but I am never able to settle on a time frame that would consistently work for me. Whatever writing habit re

Use Bublup to Plan Your Next Staycation

Although stay at home orders may be lifting in your area, your summer vacation will likely look a bit different this year. While it’s disappointing to cancel travel plans, a staycation is an excellent way to enjoy time off and save money. The most important thing to do for a staycation is to make sure you plan it. That’s where Bublup comes in. To get you started, I’ve created a 7-day itinerary that can be enjoyed solo or with friends and family.

10 Excellent Movies About Work and Office Life

Movies about work and office life are some of my favorite types of movies. I love the comedies that center upon the idiosyncrasies of the office, the dramas that focus on a workplace gone corrupt, and the thrillers that focus on a character whose entire life is that job – and they lose it. So, I thought I’d compile some of my favorite movies based on work and office life that I recommend you add to your movie list.
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