An Author’s Guide to Book Bloggers by Nicole Pyles

Authors, have you ever asked a book blogger to review your book? Along with being a blog tour manager for WOW!, I also moonlight as the occasional book blogger at my personal blog, The World of My Imagination. Being on the receiving end of things, where authors pitch to me and ask me to review their books or host them (rather than the other way around), gives me a glimpse into what authors should expect of book bloggers. If handled in a professional, mutually supportive way, a book blogger can be

Why Bublup is My New Favorite App for Writing | Bublup

As a writer, I’m constantly thinking of ways to stay organized, keep track of research, and compile information that can help me with my writing. Whether I am drafting a novel or writing an article for a client, having the right writing tools can help me finish a project. However, it can be incredibly difficult to choose amongst all the options available to us. One app I discovered is now one of my favorites and that is called Bublup. Not only is Bublup a cloud app that lets you save links to us

The Lazy Guide to Twitter (and my 5-5-5 rule) by Nicole Pyles

As a writer, how much time do you spend on social media? While it’s an essential marketing tool, social media can also drain your energy for other projects (the far more important ones). So I devote quite a bit of my social media energy and attention to Twitter as it’s an excellent place to network with writers (and readers). To save time on this social media platform, I developed my very own 5-5-5 Rule (otherwise known as my “lazy rule”) for Twitter. When I follow this rule, my engagement increase

5 Things You Can do During a Digital Detox

There have been a lot of discussions lately on ditching your smart technologies thanks to a recent Vitaminwater contest. Whether or not you can devote an entire year to ditching your smartphone, there is a lot to be said for putting down your digital device. We could all use a break from technology, so if you've decided to cut back or cut out your smartphone completely in 2019, here are a few things you can consider doing while you take a break from technology.

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